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If you are looking for a great unique gift idea, or just the perfect accessory for an outfit, you have found the right place!

Janis Jewelry & Gifts

At Janis Jewelry & Gifts, we create a unique, artistic display of hundreds of fashionable handbags, stylish scarves, eye-catching jewelry, and aromatic handmade soaps and candles. From lavender scented candles to hand crafted earrings, we offer a carefully crafted gathering of gifts and treasures waiting to please you.

Locally Made Items

At Janis Jewelry & Gifts, we carry locally made jewelry, candles, soaps, and accessories and gift items. We are proud to carry the largest selection of handbags in the county, and have scarves and jewelry to match. From loofah soaps to locally made greeting cards to hand crafted candles, we offer a beautiful selection of fashionable items at affordable prices.

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